It has been more than 50 years since China began to design and manufacture oil and gas line pipes. In the last 20 years, major pipe mills of China have been at the fort front of technological invitations and product improvements. Manufactures have established strict quality assurance systems, and always put the quality as their top priority.

Oil and gas line pipes include helically submerged Arc Welded (SAWH), Longitudinal Seam Submerged Arc Welded (SAWL) pipes, and High Frequency Electric-Resistance Welded (HFW) pipes. Today, China holds an annual output of 10,000,000 tons of various line pipes.

With its high skilled operational capabilities, China is able to manufacture a range of different sizes and grades of steel plates and coils in order to meet various pipeline designed specifications. We are also experienced with internal and external coating such as FBE, 2FBE/PP and 3PE/PP.

Various specifications of line pipes have been selected for a number of domestic oil and gas transportation projects.

Pipes manufactured in our mills are also purchased and delivered to different countries and regions such as Sudan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, India, Venezuela, Russia, Myanmar, Algeria, Oman, Holland, etc.

Supported by China’s major steel, pipe and coating mills, we can effectively utilize the resources needed, and organize the production within our Pipe Manufacturing Network, providing customers with best quality, ensured aftersales services, as well as on time delivery.

All pipe manufactures under the network have been awarded API, ISO 9000, and/or other additional Certificates.


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